Kootenai County Emergency Medical Services System (KCEMSS)  

KCEMSS is a local government county-wide ambulance service providing 911 emergency and facility to facility transfers throughout Kootenai County. KCEMSS operates through a network of agencies, including nine fire departments and one non-profit EMS organization. KCEMSS provides EMS services up to and including paramedic and critical care services to the hospitals within Kootenai County as well as hospitals in the surrounding counties of North Idaho upon request.


The Agency is staffed by a Chief Officer, Division Chief, Director of Finance, a Bookkeeper, a  Purchasing and Provider Services Specialist,  a Support Services Technician.


All KCEMSS EMTs and paramedics are employed by our partner agencies. So please check with them for EMT or Paramedic Positions.  For a list of those agencies, see "About Us".   



No openings at this time