Tracy Abrahamson - Director of Administration

Tracy joined KCEMSS in October 2003.  Her primary responsibilities include all financial and budget preparation and management, HR and administration oversite, appointed Secretary/Treasurer to the Joint Powers Board, and Acting Compliancy/Privacy Officer.  Feel free to contact Tracy at tracya@kcemss.org.

Bill Keeley - Division Chief of Clinical Services

Chief Keeley joined KCEMSS in October of 2014 as the Division Chief of Clinical Services after retiring from the fire service.  Chief Keeley oversees the day to day clinical operations in conjunction with the local fire departments.  Feel free to contact Chief Keeley at billk@kcemss.org. 

Scott Higgins - Support Services Officer

Scott joined KCEMSS in April of 2017 as the Support Services Officer after a long career as a Paramedic in Kansas.  Scott oversees all logistical and fleet functions for KCEMSS.  Feel free to contact Scott at scotth@kcemss.org. 

Amy Evans - Administrative Assistant II

Amy joined KCEMSS in October of 2014 as an Administrative Assistant. Amy is currently the Administrative Assistant II for the Clinical Division.  Feel free to contact Amy at amye@kcemss.org. 

Tara Whitmore -  Administrative Assistant II

Tara joined KCEMSS in September 2017 as an Administrative Assistant II. Tara is currently the Administrative Assistant II for the Administrative Division.  Feel free to email Tara at taraw@kcemss.org.