KCEMSS is a fire-based ambulance service providing 9-1-1 emergency care and facility to facility transfers throughout Kootenai County. We operate through a network of agencies including all the fire departments within Kootenai County and one non-profit ambulance organization. We also offer Critical Care Transport services  to the hospitals within Kootenai County as well as hospitals in the surrounding counties of North Idaho.


KCEMSS is comprised of a governing board called "The Joint Powers Board", a Chief Officer, 2 Medical Directors, Division Chief, Director of Administration, Support Services Officer, (2) Administrative Assistant II, and on-call Critical Care Nurses and Paramedics.


Through our contracts with the Fire Departments and Non-Profit Ambulance Companies within Kootenai County, we are able to strategically place our EMT's and Paramedics throughout the county for the quickest response times possible.


All EMTs and Paramedics in the field (with the exception of the Critical Care Team) are employees of the Fire Departments and Non-Profit Ambulance organizations.  The System provides the Fire Departments with ambulances, medical equipment and the medical supplies needed to operate. 


The Systems inception and success can be credited to all the contracting agencies involved who came together to form this organization, and who are committed to giving the residents and visitors of Kootenai County the best and most cost effective emergency medical services  possible. 


The Contracting agencies within this System are as follows:


Transporting Agencies:


Coeur d'Alene Fire Department - Operating 2 full time ambulances


Kootenai County Fire & Rescue - Operating 2 full time ambulances


Northern Lakes Fire Protection District -  Operating 2 full time ambulances


Timberlake Fire Protection District - Operating 1 full time ambulance


Spirit Lake Fire Protection District- Operating 1 full time ambulance


Worley Fire Protection District - Operating 1 full time ambulance


Harrison Community Ambulance Association - Operating 1 ambulance


QRUs  or Quick Response Units:


Hauser Lake Fire Protection District


Mica Kidd Island Fire Protection District


East Side Fire Protection District

Shoshone County Fire District #2



Quick Response Units in many cases, especially in rural areas, can be on scene much faster than an ambulance.  Many of these responders are volunteers and respond in the same area they reside.  This - in many cases - can be the difference between life and death.  If you would like information on becoming a volunteer in your area, please contact your local fire department.